Automotive market — see the last 24 hours in real time. All new deals at a glance. Searching comfortably!

We have adjusted the quality of searching for cars to be on a complete new level of higher quality.

Imagine having ten highly qualified professionals do your work for you. They search 24/7 for all cars — from cargo vans to any kind of passenger car and even trucks — only to collect the best offers there currently are on multiple automotive platforms. This is what our aggregator does. Never again waste time routinely searching on countless websites and take care of what’s important — Your Business.

More than just searching
  • Combined search for various types of vehicles Time is money — but not all the money in the world can buy time, which is why you ought to think about what to spend your time on. Enter what you are looking for, in terms of vehicle technologies and you will receive immediate results concerning current deals according to your search criteria.
  • Real time notifications As a professional you do not want to find a specific car. You want to find great deals to achieve profitable sales. With us you can simultaneously search for passenger cars, cargo vans and trucks.
High performance marketing tools, statistics and complete control of expenditure — This is how you manage deals!

Selling cars is now quicker and easier than ever before!

How? Thanks to our smart offers, developed just for you. Saving time and money will lead to even more success! You never again have to worry about your offer remaining unseen. Based on the strategies of successful sales departments, our system ranks and promotes your offer and creates an auction, containing your desired minimum price.

Effective trade whilst complete control — All you would want when completing a business deal
  • Smart sales packageAutomated tools, based on trade analysis of sales Managers, ensure great success in your deals.
  • Comprehensive reportsDon’t ever again waste money! Using our platform, you can enjoy the absolute control over the costs of technological units of vehicles, statistics and also an automated coverage for accounting.
Germany’s first non-stop-auction! Not only for private parties but also for professional dealers.

Going once, going twice, going three times, sold! Receive market value after 24 hours only ‐ statements like these would normally be ridiculed and not only by private parties, who received 70% at best of their cars actual value. It also gives professional dealers the peerless opportunity to dominate the progress of their sales, regardless of their skills as a salesperson.

Cars24 is the only place in Germany where buying and selling vehicles is very simple for all private parties, traders and companies like manufacturers. They can now do business at eye level.

Speed that will take your breath away!
  • Auctions in real time Your car is auctioned whenever YOU want it to be. Receive a deal that corresponds to market value.
  • Private parties and professional dealers The rules of Cars24 apply to all participants. These rules are very simple: Wait 24 hours to get the best offer on your car and then decide whether you want to sell your car to the highest bidder or not. If only life was always this easy…
Our innovative and automated system for auto trade with included compensatory payment. Short: „Trade-In“.

Trade-In a new vehicle for a pre-owned one and receive an accurately calculated compensatory payment? This was never before possible…

Forget about tiring phone calls and non-binding visits — or your boss breathing down your neck. Place new vehicles on Cars-Ex and receive offers from potential buyers.

By the way: Pre-Owned vehicles can be both immediately sold and auctioned. Not bad, right?!

A new source for actual sales
  • Leads — potential buyers A game according to the rules you alone lay down: Receive genuine offers via Trade-In. Now you can concentrate on potential buyers and not spending money on ads.
  • An automated way for selecting suitable deals All really ingenious things are usually surprisingly simple. You enter the information about your pre-owned vehicle and receive offers for buying a new car including corresponding compensatory payments.
Presentation of the carexgo!
carexgo - the solution for the auto market. With this unique and atomized online system for the vehicle trade all users are able to buy vehicles fast and profitable, sell and even trade them. This system brings together professional car traders with private buyers and sellers of vehicles eye to eye and provides a secure working place for all users at the same time. The philosophy of trading with carexgo is to offer operational actions at the highest level. This gives the users an opportunity to trade new and used vehicles, financed cars, emergency vehicles at the best possible market prices.
Alex Grin
Alexander Grishunin
Product and stratetic development
The innovative way of thinking breaks the stereotypes and opens new horizons — master the reality!
Yuriy Kunitski
Yuriy Kunitski
Business and finance
For the realization of any task, you only need two things — a clear plan and time disposition.
carexgo ‐ the the solution for the automotive market

We believe carexgo is way ahead of anything else in the field of automotive portals. Our mission: Creating a system that speeds up vehicle sales and makes Trade-Ins more pleasing than ever before.

About us
We are professionals in what we are doing
For the last 20 years we have been successful in the automotive industry. Using the valuable experience our programmers gained working for big companies like Allianz, Avitas and Cisco, we created an up-to-date automotive portal that combines an optimized search function with innovative tools that enable sales to be more pleasant than ever. Our team of first-class developers, programmers and designers have generated a system that makes it very easy to search for what one might need in terms of selling and trading all kinds of vehicles — carexgo.
Postal adress
  • carexgo GmbH
  • Riesaer Str. 245/247
  • 04319 Leipzig, Deutschland
Contact Person
  • René Gehrt
  • PR- and communications manager
+49 (0) 341 5909000
+49 (0) 341 8607508
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  • carexgo GmbH
  • Riesaer Str. 245/247
  • 04319 Leipzig Deutschland
  • Tel.: +49(0) 341 5909000
  • Fax: +49 (0) 341 8607508
  • E-Mail:
  • Geschäftsführer: Yuriy Kunitski
  • Prokurist: Alexander Grishunin
  • Ansprechpartner:
  • René Gehrt
    PR- und Kommunikationsmanager

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